the time has come...

the time has come...
two of the salvaggione's  favorite people EVER are leaving charlotte. the sanfords.
over the past four months we have gotten to know and love the heck out of luke and margaret and we have shared so many wonderful memories!

Months full of eagles games and bananagrams. Then there was the time Margaret made my birthday extra special with her baking skills! We went hillbilly, helped with haircuts, had too many game nights to count & one of my favorites... when luke & margaret joined the PLove Family!

how blessed we have been!! we are so sad to see them leave, but are so incredibly happy for them and this new time in their life together! not to mention... umm new york?! yes please!! i'll book our tickets.
we pray for a beautiful journey and know that what God has in store for them is better than anyone could imagine. we love y'all!!

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