today. wednesday.

this needs to be hung in our home.
today was a rage blackout day. oh boy. praise Jesus for an understanding husband and a forgiving God. when i say rage blackout, those of you who don't know me are probably like, 'say whaa?' but for those of you who do, you know what i'm talking about. basically a vent sesh, meltdown, usually followed by tears.

i am usually a pretty happy go lucky person with a glass half full mentality, however, none of us are perfect and today i felt far from it. i allowed myself to slip into negativity and believe the lies of the enemy. grr, not cool. thankfully we are loved by a perfect God, and it's through His love that i know that i am forgiven, and loveable, imperfections and all. God is so good and when I think of Him and His love for me, it SERIOUSLY minimizes the issues that started the hysteria in the first place and then all i feel is ridiculous.
lesson for the future.... REALIZING THIS BEFOREHAND!!

anyhow... though my day got off to a rough start, it did end well :)
our friend had a bonfire night at her house which was thoroughly enjoyable. complete with my husband, my best, and s'mores. yummmm.

everyday is a new day. another day to spend serving the Lord. another day to love people. another day to spread joy.
how will you spend yours?!

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Addy said...

I had a rage blackout recently!! Afterwards, I thought to myself....damn rage blackout....immediately followed by "Aww Hill!!" :)
Miss you!