be bonafide.

my favorite people are bonafide people. 
real, down to earth, genuine, you pick your descriptive word. i strive to live an authentic life + am naturally drawn to others doing the same, whether that be in my daily life or through my instagram feed. -- chris once told me that he believed if any of the people following my social media feeds or blog met me in person, that i would be exactly the way i portrayed myself online... this firstly, made me want to cry, because it is honestly SO important to me. ESPECIALLY coming from the person who knows me best inside and out... it really meant so much.

social media can seriously give us a skewed version of a person's story. we see mostly their highlight reel + end up comparing it to our behind the scenes and we sometimes walk away not feeling inspired, but instead feel discouraged about the way we are living our lives, taking our pictures, raising our families, dressing ourselves, etc. ---i'm guilty of this on more than one account, and i'd guess that you probably are too.

that's why i love Be Bonafide in a major, all the heart eyes kind of way :) head on over to their website (and snag this print- HERE) or IG (@bebonafide) and jump on board with their mission of encouraging others to be authentic, we need a lot more of that!
post pictures with your kids when you don't have make up on, use a bad situation for good + encourage one another, let people see your heart, say and be organically you without insecurity... and in the mean time, remember that this blog (along with most others) is a small peek into my imperfect life. my toddler has public meltdowns too, my husband and i argue about ridiculous things and important ones too, my family has heartaches, i eat waaaay too much sugar + i spend more time deciding what i'll wear then i do actually wearing it... i'm normal, life isn't always pretty pictures + rainbows... but regardless of it all, i choose the happy.

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