^^^YOU: trick yourself into thinking things are cheese + then you eat them... but definitely "no green part", have the cutest little (or not so little) vocabulary + voice, and hearing you count to ten on your own "123  5678" or just "three fi six" sometimes... is the sweetest. you're curious about everything under the sun, talk non-stop "here mama, here" --are adventurous + wild and will jump off of anyyyything. you love your family-- daddy chris, mama + oo ee baby, allll the aunties, uncles + grandparents too, have a strict no girls policy, only like my hair down + said dinner prayer all by yourself last week with no prompting from us, i cried... you're the very best, abel. i love you.

ME: trying to learn discipline. working towards simplifying every aspect of life- house, closet, food, brain-- everything. sneaking cookie dough any chance i get. loooooving the sunshine + the freckles that have come along with it! trying to remain patient waiting for the house to be done + dreaming of the day it is, the decorating, the memories, alll the heart eyes. loving chris because he's the best + he deserves it. trying to put more focus on God + the good stuff, and less on the things that distract me from it. 

+++YOU: are walking now... what?! at nine months? yes. you love to eat any food i put in front of you + are over being spoon fed. you play with your eyelashes when you nurse + got a little spoiled the weekend of the baby showers + have been a permanent hip attachment since. you're rolly + snuggly, you looooove the water, bath time, splashing outside, rain... like a moth to a flame. abel is your very best friend. you have the sweetest grumbly voice + are always chit chattering. you reach/lean towards daddy anytime he's near, poke people in the face when they're close enough, make the funniest scrunchy face that we love, wake up earlier than you should + know it, have the chunkiest little booty + i still love it most when you lay your head on my shoulder. sweet sunshine girl, i love you lucy!

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