on friday my family… (well, part of it) and i went up to estes park for a day full of nothing.

life is so full.

full of good things, great things, not as great things, work, things to do, you name it. let me tell you… it was SO nice to put away ‘the list’ and just go and DO. we didn’t have an agenda, didn’t really pick a time to leave. just woke up, got ready & drove up to one of the most beautiful places you will visit. my family has been going to estes park for as long as i can remember. we have an annual trip in october that we go on & stay overnight in a cabin on the river. everyone is there & it’s pretty much the best time ever. this was just a quick day trip, but equally fulfilling. we hiked. it rained. we ate at our usual burger place. walked the town. just spent time.

more than anything it got me SO excited for our trip in a few weeks! anyhow. take time this week to do nothing. no phone. no internet. no distractions. just BE. it’s great :)

happy monday!

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