a few things i'll miss about charlotte...

elevation church
eagles games
the studio
lightning bugs
brixx pizza
485... i kid, i kid
dunkin' donuts on every corner
(noticing lots of this is food... fat kid... continuing anyway :))
trader joe's
all of our friends
...but mostly these faces

whether we end up in Charlotte again come springtime, or if this is the end of our chapter there... Charlotte will ALWAYS have such a special place in our hearts. not only do some of our now, life-long friends still live there, but it is also the place where we...
 lived in our very first married house together, discovered gingeronnis, grew closer to the Lord, met some of the most special people in our lives, really started devoting more time to this little blog, discovered pinterest... umm BIG deal, and my personal favorite... it is the city where we found out we were pregnant with our very first little baby!
Thank you Charlotte for being awesome & giving us such a fun & beautiful chapter of life!

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