colorado, my home sweet home...

just a little snapshot of colorado in all it's glory...
oh yea, so in other news...
we are moving back to colorado for the off season this year!
i am already here, and chris will join me in a few weeks when the season ends. 
last sunday, the furry babies and i drove to nashville & stayed a night with my cousin. then monday morning, brianna & i drove a billion hours across the country to get home in time for my little sister's bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, & wedding
oh yea, that happened too! it's been busy around here!
needless to say, i am SO happy to be home! truth be told, it doesn't quite feel like home yet without chris being here, but missing him aside, i am loving it. i started working at my mom's vintage shop, the pets are finally settling in, i've seen SO many of my favorite friends already, i started getting unpacked today & ummm colorado summer?? not so bad.
my heart is happy.
i hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
pictures from all this past week's festivities to come!

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