everything is just peachy!

oh hello trimester two! 
nice to meet you!
so in case you haven't heard... these days we compare growing babies & their size each week to fruits & veggies & all sorts of fun things like that. weird right? yea, i guess... but it makes for fun photo opps, so you know.
today marks 13 full weeks & during this past week, our little bun grew to the size of a peach!
not too shabby if you ask me! good job baby.
please keep our little in your prayers! pray that he or she keep growing strong in there & stay nice and cozy in the oven i am providing. we are SO thrilled about this little one & are thankful each day that God has chosen us.
one of my favorite lyrics from the song, 'your favor' by elevation worship goes like this:
"i'll give you everything i have, 'cause i was undeserving, 
and you chose me"
it is truer than true every day. we are all undeserving of Christ's love and the sacrifice He made for us so that we could live. 
live these glorious, joyful, hope filled lives. 
but i feel it more now than ever.
He has chosen US. He has chosen ME. to have part in creating a life. to be given the responsibility and HONOR to raise another beautiful human being in His Name!
it's too big for me to fully wrap my head around, i am just thankful.
thank you Jesus. thank You for Your love.
&& thank you baby, you've already opened my eyes :)

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