to husband.

You know you picked a good one when ...

1) After almost nine years, you still can't get enough time with them & you miss them the second they walk out the door... Which usually leads to a little phone call, just to say I love you again

2) You've dreamed of having a girl baby for your whole life but you kind of hope a little bit, that you're having a boy baby so it can look just like him :)

It's always a surprise when I find myself loving husband even more than the day before... NOT because he's not perfectly wonderful, handsome, kind & loving... I'm surprised because even after all this time, whenever I feel like I love him the max amount possible and like I couldn't squeeze out even one more drop, it happens again. My heart grows bigger. I love him more. He's my best friend in the whole world & it makes me so happy that God picked him for me! Every day I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you hunny :) I love you!

sidenote: Fridays are usually baby update days, but I mean... An onion? Other than the fact that it's the current size of our little bebe at 17 weeks... They mostly just smell, make your eyes water, and in my opinion, shouldn't be mixed in with a lot of foods that people think they should be. But we are thankful for growth over here! A healthy baby, and an official bump (or, awkward from the front bump, as I like to call it) so here's to onion sized babies! all good news!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Alexi said...

Hill...the Walla Walla Sweet is the official vegetable of Washington state. Totally worth a baby update! Hahahaha(: