nothing rhymes with orange.

hello!! so i’m 15 weeks today :) the little is now the size of a naval orange…
those are the big ones, good for you baby!
to clarify… or atleast let you in on my baby fruit measuring chart’s justification of comparisons. while baby is growing, they measure him or her from the top of it’s crown to the bottom of it’s little rump, so when i say that they are the size of a naval orange, it really means that the average baby at 15 weeks measures at about 4 inches (which is apparently the length/width of an average naval orange)… make sense? it’s sort of strange & sometimes the following weeks fruit or veggie seems smaller than the previous week, but if your pregnancy iphone app says your baby is a naval orange… it MUST be a naval orange. iphone knows best… ;)
ANYHOW, as mentioned below… our little bun can hear my voice this week! SAY WHAAAA???! that is seriously the craziest thing ever! you mean to tell me, that now when i talk to myself there is a little someone listening in on my conversation??
nuts i tell you.
all joking aside though… i cried when i read that. it just makes it even more real for me :) so, happy 15 week birthday baby! that is definitely something to be celebrated! i can’t wait to hear your little heart beat again on monday morning!

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