it's true.

well, we've spilled the beans!
...and boy(or girl) did that secret want to BURST out of my mouth about a million times!
hence, the lack of blogging recently! 
ever since we found out, it has been pretty much all we talk about around these parts & writing down my daily dos & thoughts for the public was allll too tempting!
but it's official! 
we are having a little snowbaby come february. 
i told chris the news in the same way that he proposed to me 3 years ago... see HERE
on the bottom of a starbucks cup.
... i'll never forget his face :))

trimester two starts friday & i have been SO fortunate to have next to NO symptoms! other than being suuuuper tired & turning into a pumpkin around say... 10pm every night & waking up early now (ummm who am i??) it has pretty much been smooth sailing! 
thank you baby!

i'll say it again, we are thrilled!
i can't wait to see husband as a daddy :)
he's gonna be the best dad ever!


Anonymous said...

i could cry... AGAIN!!!

Shannon G said...

No morning sickness!!!??? I bet it's a boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

AHH! Sosososoooo exciting! Congrats!!

xoxo Vanessa @ He Says Newcastle