husband’s childhood home :)

you know me. 

any chance to feel nostalgic about something... i'm in. 

this time it actually had nothing to do with me, but with husband. while in new york, i had the chance to go and visit his childhood home! SO cool. I had heard so much about it in past conversations with him and his family, so it was really awesome to be able to see it first hand and imagine them living there & also to imagine husband as a little boy.... heart officially MELTED. i have seen chris' baby/kid pictures and boy oh boy, even though i'll be done for, i can't wait to have a miniature him running around one day :) 


their home was a home office, chris' dad's chiropractic office held the bottom story of the house, & they lived upstairs. it seems as if it is the same for whoever lives & works their now too!

very cool :)

so! enjoy pics! and enjoy this wonderful day! i am having a greaaaat day & i sincerely hope that you are too :) we all have much to be thankful for!



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