if you really knew me...

just a fun post idea from Jenni over at Story of My Life blog :)
when reading blogs, it really is important to remember that the writer gets to decide what parts of their  life will be publicized on here, and what parts will be kept private. i by no means have a perfect life, it is pretty great & i truly do feel blessed by it & all the parts that make it up, but it's not perfect. i try to keep my posts authentic & i try to share a little from every angle, BUT i also like this to be a positive place, so i try to keep the complaining posts to a minimum :)
this post idea is fun to me, because while it's true that if you're a regular around here, you know the characters in my life, you know i have a serious love for cupcakes... & really anything sweet for that matter, and you have probably given me a voice... you know what i'm talking about. it's the tone that you think i have, or the way you picture my voice to sound if you don't know me personally. we all do it. that's what makes this blogging world so fun :)

if you really knew me...

*you'd know that i type on my iphone using only my right thumb. yea, it's strange i know! but thumb gets all the glory.

*you'd know that i can't stand to hear people chew. myself included. it's becoming a real phobia. i have to have the tv up or music on to buffer the sound.

*you'd know that i absolutely LOVE Christmas & that Halloween is a close second. fall & winter are just the best times of year.

*you'd know that i talk about my mimi a lot. 

*you'd know that it's not uncommon for me to stay up until 4 or 5 a.m.... by choice.

*you'd know that i'm a cryer. doesn't take much. sometimes i even just need to cry to release stress, and then get back to business like nothing happened. 

*you'd know that my nickname is hilla.

*you'd know that confrontation is NOT something i enjoy. i will avoid it at any cost & when it's not something i can avoid, anxiety consumes me.

*you'd know that pets are not just pets around here, they are family.

*you'd know that when husband is out of town, i sleep on his side of the bed, and harvey gets to join our little party on the bed instead of his usual sleeping arrangements (shhh don't tell chris :))

*you'd know that i love hard. which also makes it hurt worse when relationships have trials. but it's worth it. i'd rather have deep & meaningful friendships.

*you'd know that Walmart is my happy place. 

*you'd know that husband and i are still kind of sickening when it comes to being lovey dovey & pda even after all this time together.

that's all for now :) 
i hope you are having a wonderful week!
i am.


Tori Baldridge said...

So fun getting to know more about you :)

Kelli DeGrazier said...

What a cool idea :) i really enjoyed reading this post. That is really funny how you type on your ipod that is a new one for me :) Also I totally am with you on shying from confrontation, its really something I need to work on! I HATE it! Anyways thank you for sharing :)