here & there: nyc edition.

okay, okay. i agree, one week is max for posting about one trip! so i tried my best to feature a few things & then compile the last kajillion photos into a simple… here & there in nyc post. to say the least, it was a wonderful trip. i love my brother & sister SO SO SO SO much & had a great time with them! nyc is a fun place & there is so much to see and do! this won’t be my last trip… however next time, i’m going when it’s fall or winter & not a million degrees out :)

happy weekend!

IMG_0934IMG_1021in a flashIMG_1067

central park.


the metropolitan museum of art.


grand central station. (totally felt like i was on gossip girl)IMG_1051IMG_1053IMG_1065IMG_1060in a flash1IMG_1071IMG_1070IMG_1078IMG_1085Collages12

brooklyn bridge.


oh yea… and a bird pooped on me… part of the damage on my dress ha!IMG_1107IMG_1121IMG_1129IMG_1131

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