this is getting ridiculous.

this is starting to get out of control.

but seriously? all i can think about is fall time. or autumn, if you will :)

i think it's partly because i am headed back to colorado on sunday for my little sister's wedding, and the other day it dawned on me... we have lived away from colorado for over 2 years, and the only time we are back to visit is in the fall or winter for the holidays... so i think i have it in my head that it is ALWAYS crisp & fall-ish or snowy & christmas time there! 

preeetty silly, but still.

so i keep reminding myself, that it is july & middle of summer there as well, however... autumn consumes my precious thoughts anyway.
so here it is. 
another post dedicated to the gorgeous colors, festivities, and joys of fall.
all photos via pinterest!

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Rach said...

these pictures are intoxicating..stop it!!