new york city is huge.

top of the rock.
rockefeller center that is.
we went to the top to see the view of nyc, which is supposedly better than the empire state building view… but who knows. all i can say is NEW YORK CITY IS HUGE.
holy canoli!
it just goes & goes & goes & goes…. pretty cool. i could not tell you what is captured in these photos, because i did not make good use of my little guide that says this is that… but nonetheless it was a great view :)
central park is that big ‘ol green patch ;)
 IMG_0997 IMG_1001
my brother is cute :)
 IMG_1003 IMG_1004IMG_1005IMG_1012IMG_1013IMG_1014IMG_1011

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jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

SO fun! it's definitely got good views :D

in the second photo... see the water (aka hudson river) on the right? then see the "big" building on the right side of the river? that's MY 'hood :D

jersey city, that is ;)

cheers to the weekend!