Bethany's Photo Shoot.

Today Project Love had a photo shoot with one of my beautiful friends Bethany :)  Old Town, Fort Collins has such awesome buildings and places to take pictures. We got some AWESOME shots! Bethany is so beautiful inside and out. Her beauty from within shines through in EVERY picture. It was such a blessing to not only spend time with her wonderful spirit, but also to have her be one of the many gorgeous faces of Project Love. Project Love was born in efforts to spread the love of our Savior through fashion, and Bethany is such a great example of Christ’s love. She is truly one of the most genuine people I know and I am proud to have her be a part of the Project Love Family! She is also a trooper because the weather people weren’t quite on their game this week and said it was going to be 50 and sunny, and it ended up being SO COLD!! :) The only hard thing that I have to do now is choose my favorite pics! Wish me luck! This coming week I have photoshoots with 2 other beautiful models, and I am so excited! They are both stunning women of God and I am looking SO forward to working with them!
Be Blessed! Hillary <3

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