Obsessive Personality Day.

Today I allowed the obsessive side of my personality to run wild for a good cause :) I LOVE to organize.. everything. Ha! My family is moving next week and still had so much to pack, and they are SUPER busy so I organized and packed the entire basement for them. I am wishing now that I would have taken a before and after picture to show you my progress.. oh well maybe next time. If I were to describe it to you though, the before picture would look like a bomb went off and left a little bit of everything, everywhere. And now… like a Mr. Clean commercial, so shiny :) I was pretty impressed with the little worker bee inside me. It feels so nice to do things for others, especially when they didn’t ask, you just wanted them to feel at peace, even if just for a moment, about one less thing they would have to do later.
So anyway.. that was pretty much my day. Now I am unwinding and looking forward to a delicious Spedino di Mare dinner and something sweet that I am going to bake for dessert… haven’t decided what yet, but let me tell you.. me and Betty Crocker are going to whip up something fabulous :)
I hope that everyone had the most blessed day. Such a beautiful life that we are all given the opportunity to live. Enjoy every minute of it and appreciate it like crazy, because it will be over before we know it! God is so good, and I hope that everyone always remembers to include Him in their thoughts and in their days… He never forgets about us :) So refreshing to think that God is always there to talk to and that He is always there loving us no matter what. I love Him :)
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday evening! Be blessed! Love, Hillary

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