halloween week.
suuuuper fun!
i got to dress up MANY times, thanks to the dance studio! Choices for the week included: a pumpkin, a scarecrow, a nerd & husband! "Wear your costume to dance" week... ummm don't mind if i do!  fun, fun, fun! I can't believe its finally halloween and then... NOVEMBER! how did this happen?! we had a wonderful weekend with friends and will be topping it off with my favorite halloween movie, 'hocus pocus' and passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. we have a great system in place: one for you... and one for me :) ....can't wait! what did YOU do for halloween?!
a spoon full of sugar :)
chim, chim-iney!
aaaand my favorite part of the night, comfys.
next up?... CHRISTmas music!

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