dear husband.

dear husband.

i love you with all of my heart. you are my best friend in the entire world. thank you for being YOU. loving. thoughtful. funny. giving. loyal. forgiving. patient. talented. handsome. and SO many more descriptive words that i am unable to think of in this moment...

it's tough when i try to write it out on paper. describing my love for you? whoa. it can be frustrating. you would think it would be SO easy, but when you get down to it... i love you SO much that it can't even be described. because it is the most special connection i have ever experienced with another person, i find myself speechless. however, full of feelings :) YOU amaze me. you are an incredible leader for our family. i TRUST you with everything.

divine love.

i love when you smile at me and when you laugh at my jokes. i love how you laugh. i love how forgiving you are when i act bratty. i love your 'i just did something' smile. i love when you teach me things. i love how you play games. i love how you treat others. i love your humility. i love your heart. i love your hands. i love your eyes. i love every bit of you.

thank you for being my husband. for CHOOSING me every day. for choosing HIM every day. i love you more than more penguin.

love, your wife.

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Bree said...

Such a cute picture of you two!! :)