london grace.

London Grace
October 6, 2011
7 lbs. 15 oz.
20 inches
Today was SUCH a special day.
my beautiful cousin anderson gave birth to a perfect baby girl.
newborns are beautiful. a beautiful new life, a beautiful blessing, and a perfect example of God's Greatness. i LOVE them. LONDON is stunning!!!! i can honestly say she is one of the most beautiful babies EVER. i am wishing i was in texas SO SO bad right now. i want to be there to hug my sweet cousin and tell her how proud i am of her. so brave and so strong. a beautiful new mommy, who has had such grace throughout her pregnancy. i love you ande!!!!
please gawk at the photos below & feel free to leave comments ooo-ing and awww-ing over her sweet little face.
so pretty.
just iphone pics for now, but believe me... this won't be London's only feature on Sugar Hill :)
love to all.
the lovely anne holding baby.
 auntie lauren holding LG :) there is no picture of mom & baby for this post... however anderson&lauren are twinnies so she looks alot like umm... this :)
 and there's the doozy... Uncle Spencer & Cousin Ayden. this picture brought the tears. it seems like yesterday that Spencer & Joanna welcomed Ayden, who is 4 now!
just posting this, and looking at these photos makes me SO grateful, and also makes me cry... i'm a cryer :) happy tears. i can't believe THEY are my family. God GAVE us each other. THAT is what life is about. these PEOPLE. 
not only are they loving & kind, but i admire them so much. spencer & the twins are 3 of the hardest working, most dedicated people i know. they do whatever it takes. i dream of having the drive & strength that they have. i love them SO much, probably more than they will ever know.
love on your family. love on your people :) because nothing else matters.


Bree said...

LOVE. She is darling!!

Brianna said...

Hilla you have such a way of capturing moments. These photos of little London are LOVELY. She is such a tiny perfect baby girl isn't she? Maybe we can road trip to Texas real soon and meet that sweet little thing! Lovelovelove.