from years passed...

as most of you know, halloween.... i love. aside from CHRISTmas, it is my favorite holiday. who doesn't love dressing up? in the spirit of halloween being THIS weekend.. i wanted to share with you a recap of my halloween costumes from years passed..

starting with below, left: olsen twin. 2006. THIS i feel, was a pretty creative idea. don't get me wrong.. i loooove me some olsen twins, but this was during their, "dress out of a garbage bin & binge on caffeine & cigs" phase.. hence, the red bull, FAKE cigarette, & garbage bin attire :)
 the following year, 2007: below, the classic 'pebbles' from the flintstones. LOVED this costume, super comfy, handmade. I am thinking of possibly re-creating this costume for one of this years festivities! and above, 2008: CUPID<3 made from dance costumes. gah! i love dressing up!
 our 'engaged' halloween, chris and i dressed up as bo peep & a sheep... still paying for this one :) however, it's probably my favorite costume of all time!
 ... and for our first married halloween together, chris and I were lucky enough to dress up TWICE! once as a woman & me as a lady bug :) and then as Thing[one] && Thing[two] from Cat in the Hat!
Halloween! eeeeep! what are YOU going to be this year?!
Can't wait to share pictures from our Halloween 2011 festivities!

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