home sweet home.

i just came home from a wonderful weekend home in colorado. i was actually there to teach class, but was able to sneak in a few of my favorite stops & see some, but NOT ENOUGH of my favorite people, but grateful for the time that was given & the few peeps i was able to see! first stop? colorado springs. THIS is actually what i consider 'home' when i think of colorado. the springs is where my family lived for most of my life, it wasn't until the past 2 years that they lived in fort collins. ANOTHER gorgeous place in CO, however, not where my nostalgia really gets me :)
how wonderful it was to have elle be the first warm hug i received! thankful for her & our friendship! ...and thankful for the colors of a rocky mountain fall.
breakfast time.
the wisdom tea house.
one of my FAVORITE places ever. it is the cutest. you get to pick out your very own teacup, and find a cozy place to sit among the different rooms in the house!
 how gorgeous can you be colorado?!
the mountains are SO beautiful. God did a wonderful job :) i think He had a LOT of fun making colorado. such gorgeous views, colors, smells, air! perfection.
 HAD to have jamba while in CO. that, plus sweaty dance pics with little(rach)... perfect combo.
 enjoyed a passion[[tea]]lemonade with chris' mom at the monument starbucks where husband && i got engaged, so sweet.
 meet lucy. my mom's new little french bully. i'm obsessed with her. she is super sweet & cuddly.
 leaving colorful colorado.
 home i go. professional packer... packed EXACTLY 50lbs worth :)
home is where your husband is.
i so badly wished chris could have come with me to visit colorado. i had a great time on my own, however, having him with me completes things. he is my main squeeze, other half :) and where he is, is HOME.

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