pumpkins of the past.

'tis the season of halloween... i decided to do a recap of some of our pumpkins of the past. i love this time of year. how much fun it is! enjoy :) what does YOUR pumpkin look like this year?!

my pumpkin 'boyfriend' of 2007
he was a GREAT stand in while husband was away at college.
 probably one of my favorite pumpkins ever.
we'll call him... pumpkin with the tiny mouth :)
 hilla-pump on the left, sal-pump on the right.
 engaged pumpkins. 2009.
 married pumps. 2010... husband's is CLEARLY the one on the left.
and here is my punkin from this year! 2011. husband has yet to carve his... however he WILL :)
happy halloween month!

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henning love said...

i love how you did all your pumpkins from previous years i don't think i took a single photo of any of my carved pumpkins, good thing your stand in boyfriend pumpkin didn't last too long!