oh boy.

So... i have been a horrible blogger these past two weeks! SWAMPED with dance. editing music, choreographing, teaching, etc. not complaining, however missing my little blog! not much to share from the past week.. literally dance is all i have done! oh.. and we started watching Parenthood on Netflix.... GREAT show. it reminds me so much of our family!! and it makes me miss them even more! BUT the good news is... only one more week until I am home to see them! SUCH great news! a teaching job back in Colorado came through last minute & I am SO thankful for it! and to be able to see my beautiful home, my family and ELLE!!! the only thing that could make it better? if husband were coming... :) anyways... here are a couple of pictures from the week! i finished up mixing music today & will be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon! love to all<3
 rainy days, perfect for Project Love Hoodies! and Love Letters from Elle :))
 Breakfast date with husband :))

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