half way there!

aaand we’re back with a weekly update!
baby boy salvaggione is the size of a banana, and i am officially 20 weeks, which is HALFWAY through my very first pregnancy! i can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. when i realized, i almost got sad for a minute… this is my FIRST pregnancy. there will never be another FIRST. hopefully there will be a few more!! but never a first. time just flies & flies. LIFE flies by. do NOT get me wrong. the actual baby boy in my arms is what i am most excited for! but honestly, i wish time would slow down just a little bit. i love life, my family, my friends, being pregnant, EVERYTHING so much! i know that it is only going to seem quicker once our baby is here and he grows up! gah! be still my heart. stay calm. one day at a time.
it’s all so exciting! the quickness just makes me realize even more that i should enjoy every minute, and every day of not only being pregnant, but also LIFE. it doesn’t stop & wait for you, and you can’t go back. SUCH a good reminder to be grateful, to be content, to love the ones you’re with, to love the place you’re at :)

happy weekend!

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