recently, we took advantage of one of these bad boys! i mean, how could we not? one of the perks of being pregnant!

husband and i had a little day date, man do i love those :)
lunch & dreams.
baby dreams, house dreams, future dreams.
it's good to dream & imagine your life! we have SUCH a wonderful life & i truly believe that it's because we have had faith in God & envisioned what we wanted our life to be, and even when things haven't turned out how we envisioned, we know that it's been because God has better plans!

God loves us & loves to fulfill the desires of our hearts when they are in line with what He has for us!
so i hope you have a dreamy little monday!

ps, only ONE more week until baby sal 's gender is revealed! woohooo!! there is still time to leave your two cents & vote over on the left sidebar! mini-he? or mini-she?

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