little debbie who?

prepare yourself for some pretty exciting news & a few mouth watering pictures. i am so very excited to announce that i am the official betty crocker, in charge of all of the delicious baked goods at plum creek cafe! my SUPER creative, smart & talented mother owns a vintage shop here in fort collins, called vines vintage market. she hasn’t been open a year & has already expanded TWO times, tripled in size & had tremendous amounts of success… yea, i’m bragging on her, but it is AWESOME what God has built in her life & allowed her to be a part in! this all being said, she is now opening a cafe within the store!

plum creek cafe.
for the past few years it has been a dream of mine to open up my own bakeshop, but with our gypsy lifestyle it was something i knew i’d need to wait on and do down the road. so, when my mom decided to put in the cafe she asked me to do all of the baking while we are here in colorado! it is the perfect opportunity to try out SO many of the recipes and ideas that i have had in my mind & make them a reality! i am SO excited!

so, when are we gonna get to the mouth watering pictures??
oh, now :)
just wanted to give you a little sneak peek of a few ideas i’ve got for opening weeks menu! enjoy!
 pumpkincookiewriting1brownie1 2pbbanana13
**photos from pinterest**


Kym said...

exciting! those salted fudge brownies are mocking my diet right now :)

Hailey said...


Breeann said...

Oh my gosh, I think I just gained 20 pounds looking at those pictures! It all looks amazing!! I hope this new adventure is a fun and successful one for you :) xoxo