dear baby boy.

dear baby boy,
i love you so much already! we saw you on the ultrasound last week and it was sooooooo cool! you were a little wiggle worm, swimming all around in there, making the tech chase you :) it was pret-ty cute if you ask me! we got a good look at ALL of your little parts, including the one you weren’t so shy about… that’s okay for now, because now we can give you a proper, gender correct name, but for future… let’s keep that under wraps! you are growing PERFECTLY! my favorite thing you showed off for me were your little feetsies! they are all i can think about these days. so small & precious. the sweet little feet that you are always kicking me with…  i can’t wait to kiss you & them when you are out here with the rest of us! keep growing strong in there, & i will continue keeping a good variety of foods coming your way so that you will looooove eating like daddy & me one day! i love you so much. no hurry! i know you need every minute in there, but i am excited for your arrival in february!
love, mommy

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