today was suuuper relaxed. && i'm thankful for it.

started off the day with a trip to walmart. okay, so walmart is kind of my happy place. it started a few years ago in the Christmas aisle. have you ever BEEN to the Christmas aisle at walmart? you CAN'T be anything except joyful. SO wonderful. so while it's up, i try to stop by as often as possible. it's not up right now... but that's not the only reason i love the WAL...

the walmart in monument[[colorado]] is MY walmart. it went up at the same time i moved home from LA in 2006.. SUCH a transitional time in my life.. let's just say walmart & I got pre-tty well aquainted. memories. none the less, i just love it. there is really none other like it in my opinion :) so it's the weirdest thing... but wherever i am.. no matter what walmart i'm in.. i feel like i'm home...

weird i know... but don't you have a place like that? or song, movie, etc? i can relate almost anything to a memory. some good some bad. no really... like EVERY song i know has a connection to someone or something or some time. i kinda love it.

anywayyys.... walmart was delightful today. they have all of the halloween stuff out, music to my ears. i had to work REAL hard to refrain from breaking out in song and dance when i came upon this beautiful sight...
later i baked with babs. s'mores cookies? deeee-lish.
get the recipe HERE.
the guys made us dinner... chicken & veggie skewers.
 man time...
might have the cutest husband on the planet..
...and did i mention it was cold outside again? SCORE. it was SUCH a great day. really just was in each moment. i was thankful for the resting of my thoughts. we can hang out again tomorrow, but we needed time apart :))

also this past week...
Visited Cupcrazed Bakery in Fort Mill :)
tried a new cafe.. jump 'n javaaaaa.
husband finally came home :)
 baked new treats.. MyChaiCookies. cuddled up Carolina style & took the scenic route to work.
 puppkins enjoyed a sunbath.
 did i mention it cooled off? :) this is me.... SWEATSHIRT weather.
happy sunday!

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