this past week on iphone.

walks with husband & interesting hair days.
 not mad at the attire i'm required to wear to work.
 headbands. cute wine bottles. smooshy. && fresh paint.
 said farewell to PoppyHills!
 Our new friend Ellie. i named her this because she is gray like an elephant. SO presh. i want to take her home.
Finally started a new book.
 the bean as usual... melting my heart.
 greetings from Colorado! Elle was in Breckenridge for the weekend & sent me this beautiful picture... wish i was there!!
Some of my favorite faces.
i kinda love it.
ummm... best 'bad hair day' in history :). and minnie mouse stamps? not just for kids.
pictures are fun & life is wonderful.


Natalia Lynn said...

um, I love this post! You are so cute. I actually love your whole blog! I just found you from NS Pottery and so glad I did! Definitely following along!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

SO SO sweet! thank you :)) Glad to have new bloggerrrr friends! Have a wonderful weekend :)