lately on sugar hill... via iPhone

lately on sugar hill...

signs of halloween, sent from loved ones :)
i LOVE that my family & friends know how much i love fall&halloween, & they send me pictures of things they see! MAKES my day!
friendship rings? not just for kids! i found these on etsy <--- across="" all="" bambis="" bounding="" course="" cute="" div="" golf="" grass.="" little="" love="" on="" saw="" so="" the="" they="" we="" were="">
spent the past weekend with these two guys[[LUCKYgirl]] aaaaand made peanut butter waffles. ummm, need i say more?
rain&moreRAIN. :)
still doesn't get old looking at my beautiful ring& loving what it symbolizes. not too mention... night out at RiRas with friends? WONDERFUL.
grocery shopping day! You all know how much we love that!.... and my happy place is filling up with Christmas Decor! Making it even happier than usual.
the pets were up to their same routine.... PUREprecious-ness & making me swoooon.
AND being NOT so cute.... i'm sure you can guess who did this?
PLUS we tried a new recipe!! White Chicken Lasagna!! You can find it HERE. it was DEEE-lish.
enjoy your weekend!!

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