okay... so i came across this photo on pinterest... and i've kinda got my heart set. like... lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, heart set.
yes. for husband and i, halloween 2011.
how presh would this be?! oh. em. geeeee.
here's the bad news.
i ran it by husband, and before the words even came out of my mouth... he started shaking his head and saying no, no! you would have thought that i asked him to dress like a girl or a sheep or something... 
THIS costume has given me SO much grief. I don't see what the big deal is? Everyone i know thought it was the best costume everrrrrr, and he scored MAJOR fiance points with me! Not to mention, it's been like 2 years! But sadly, I have apparently lost my costume picking privileges. He said he is not going to dress up like an animal again, EVER. ugh. we'll see about that..
twist up your peace signs :)

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