pin.ter.est. LOVE

pinterest makes me smile. sooo many random finds.
food, fashion, photo ideas... you name it.
one of the things i love most about pinterest is the simplicity of it. it's not about comments, likes, hashTAGS or @symbols. it's simply expression through pictures... enjoy!

1) heart happy. smooshy LOVES our counter too.
2) ummm... THIS is probably going to be my next hair. bamf.
3) want. boho.
4) just love. feels like autumn.
5) warm & cozy, pumpkin white hot chocolate. c'mon chilly weather :)

 this i simply love. it's beautiful to me how pictures with no faces... just small details, can create so much emotion.

1) LOVE the font of this tattoo. prettttyyyy.
2) love everything about this picture. also, i feel like it's elle... just another reason to love it.
3) want, period.
4) gorgeous tattoo. if i ever end up getting mine, this is where i've always wanted it :)

1) beautiful
2) ummm hair? hippie chic.
3) pretty much want her hair. loooong braid.

comfy cozy... husband, come home anytime. please && thanks :)

1) LAYERS. i want to wear this entire outfit this winter. done.
2) simple & beautiful. LOVE scooby doo dogs.
3) reminds me of husband & me. want a picture like this.
4) SUCH a sucker for nerd glasses. getting husband some stat.

1) colorado.
2) color.
3) smoosha-belle.
4) mountains. missHOME.

all photos compliments of pinterest :)

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