Elle's Birthday.

oh hey there!
yea, so it's elle's birthday.
she has pretty much set up home in my heart & i never intend for her to leave. who knew that by stepping out of my comfort zone & inviting some rando on a road trip to ohio would be one of the best things that could have happened to me?! well it was. i love her with all my heart. a divine connection indeed.
i wish i could be in colorado at this very moment to give her a big squeezle & personally hand her one of these peanut butter cupcakes... BUT i guess this will have to do. i love you elle[[b]]. i hope you have a terrific day & i can't wait to hug your neck!!!
love, ree

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elle b said...

You are a sweeter friend than I could have ever dreamed up... You have touched my heart and you too have your own special place in my heart :) Thank you with every ounce of my being for this lovely Birthday wish~ My dear, true, fun, sweet, beautiful, forever and ever friend i love you!