one sec... i'll pack my bag.

somewhere that has been on my mind as of late? 
why? who knows! okay... maybe i know... confession: netflix & i have partnered up for a Grey's Anatomy seasons 1-7 marathon in celebration of the 8th season starting. but that's not the ONLY reason! :)

seattle just seems like a cooooool place.
rain? heart happy.
first ever starbucks? heart happy.
called the emerald city? umm my birthstone... heart happy.
okay, so i guess i don't really know MUCH about it other than that... BUT, seems like enough reasons to atleast visit! besides, kendra&hank got engaged there... death cab  for cutie[[favorite band ever]] is from the same state(bellingham, wa), theTWILIGHT series is based in washington[[forks]], AAAAAND if that doesn't sell you.... apparently the people there are super smart & they are called seattleites.

i think we'll go for a visit sometime soon-ish.
have a wonderful weekend!
love, hillaryyy

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Breeann said...

Seattle is definitely in my top 5 of places I'd like to visit someday. I'm right there with ya with your reasons why, too! xoxo