21 things you might not know...

1. we love to be homebodies.
2. he's brave & adventurous.
3. she loves it.
4. we love to go grocery shopping.
5. she doesn't eat pork.
6. he doesn't love ice cream.... [[crazy, i know]]
7. she's picked out names for their future littles...
8. he LOVES kids.
9. she cries alot. 
10. we currently have a love affair with pears, yumm.
11. he likes to freeze any and all candy.
12. she LOVES pictures. people, things, scenery... doesn't matter.
13. we both love ryan gosling, might have a few different reasons i'm sure :)
14. he falls asleep earrrrrlyyy.
15. she stays up laaaaate.
16. we want to visit seattle & italy.
17. she loves him.
18. he loves her.
19. we love colorado.
20. we are BLESSED.
21. we are THANKFUL.

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Sierra said...

umm, adorable!!

Breeann said...

Super cute!!
The two places we want to visit are Seattle and Italy, too!
We also love Colorado...
And, I am always up later than he is :)