life lately according to iphone.

life lately according to iphone...

my new candle is SO yummy. i could sit by it all day, maybe snuggle up & watch a holiday movie!
oh wait! we already did! YES... we have already watched 'A CHRISTmas Carol' it was wonderful! We were also lucky enough to have a skype.sesh. with our favorite New Yorkers!
we had hat days.
we bought our twilight tickets.... [[squealing on the inside :)..]]
red cup love. && our new favorite muffins from lowes!
puppy love.
tried new hairstyles & got cozy, penguin style.
it's finally here! chick-fil-a's peppermint milkshake, slurp! so yummy! aaaand... harvey showed us a new trick... ha!
breakfast of champs... oh look! another muffin...
spent a wonderful evening together at The Cowfish, eating Burgushi!
celebrated our dear friend megan :)
brought out the plaid[[flannel]] shirts. i love fall.
more snuggle time with the puppkins.
played dress up with my love :) T-minus 30[ish] days until Colorado!
life is just wonderful!

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