wait, you mean life still goes on even when undocumented on social media?

so, last week i took an impromptu social media break...
it's so weird, but doesn't it feel like sometimes if it wasn't posted on IG or FB or whatever your favorite sharing platform is, it's almost like it didn't happen? am i the only one who's ever thought this? it's SO weird. it's not like it REALLY didn't happen, but sharing it with your friends and strangers on the WWW creates evidence for others to see that you actually have a life, or a baby, or whatever else! it's completely ridiculous, but i know i'm not crazy... you've thought it before too.
anyway, last week we had travel plans to visit our old stomping grounds in charlotte! chris had a work trip, and it just so happened to be my sweet friend's 30th birthday surprise party too, so the whole crew tagged along & made it a mini vaca. well, on the way to the airport chris challenged me in this social media cleanse & i did it. i deleted all of my favorite apps & undivided my attention for the remainder of the week. it was nice to be able to fully connect in person with our friends while we were visiting and also with our sweet little family. i have a love affair with that instagram i tell ya... but it was really good for me to disconnect & not be distracted & it was nice for my scrolling thumb to have a break too ;)
so... here's what you might have seen while surfing last week had i not been absent from cyber space... good thing i have a blog right? or else i'd be latergramming the heck out of these bad boys & you'd be like "3 grams in a row? seriously, you know the rules."

^^^surprised megan big time!^^^

^^^woke like this our first morning, thank you daylight savings... made it to church thanks to romeos watching our littles!^^^

^^^had to get cupcrazed... obviously^^^

^^^saw as many people as we could while in town & watched them love our babies^^^

^^^reunited at last^^^

^^^cast iron waffles... duh, but wasn't better than the waffle lab, so fort collins for the win!^^^

^^^took it easy^^^

^^^made new friends^^^

^^^sleeping babies on the way home?! how did we get so lucky?^^^
thanks for stopping in! xoxo

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