some grams + some thoughts.

just a few grams to give this blog some life.
lately i haven't been able to blog much. i like this space to be authentic & i feel like i've done a pretty good job of that over time. i am honestly a pretty happy go lucky, look at the bright side kind of person & i think that shows through to this space. i like to keep this place light. i don't share every single disappointment, sadness or problem that i have here. of course there is the occasional rant & also i write from my heart & get sappy sometimes too, but for the most part, i like to keep those parts of our life private. since losing my dad, i have found myself taking less pictures and blogging even less than that. i don't like it at all. those are such huge parts of me, but for right now they are just on the back burner. i want this place to stay real and stay positive, and i'm not saying i'm a crying, depressed mess all day every day, but just at this particular season in my life, writing about the little bits & pieces of my day & what we did over the weekend just doesn't feel authentic, because my heart is still in so many pieces.
i desperately want to get back here, get back to normal life, whatever that means. but while i try and navigate through days with our busy, busy, busy little guy & all of my different feelings, this space will probably remain quiet for a little while longer. it's SO important to me to continue documenting abel's life & ours. this tiny corner of the internet has given me such a huge huge outlet for that & has seriously been my happy place. i love it here & want to remember all of the wonderful things throughout our life. the sad parts will forever be in my heart though, a place that i will never forget them, and that's where i'd like to keep them. not here. so thank you for continuing to check in & see if we still exist :) & please stick around while i gather up the bits & pieces of myself that still feel like they are everywhere. i hope to be back in this place with my whole heart very very soon. xoxo

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