texas forever, or atleast for the weekend...

hey there + happy march! so we went to texas. happy day. firstly, i love texas... i was born there + if you've read THIS than you probably already know that i still like to claim that + pretend i'm moving back one day. second, it was SO nice to just get away for a minute. not worry about a stinkin' thing + enjoy 75 degree weather in february. i mean, dresses + sandals for days. all fun + games + i was pretty much shopping real estate until the wild turkey charge, profanity slingin', running for mine + my child's life incident once upon a monday night. you really had to be there, but i will just tell you that i don't think i'm built for snakes or ticks or wild turkeys for that matter. so in colorado we will probably stay... dreams crushed, but i'll survive... i mean, colorado is not a rough place to live ;)
anyhow, we road tripped down (abel's first). he was a champion + i was proud. we had a great visit + i only wished chris could have come + for it to have been longer. below are some snippets from our trip, the first being a pitstop about 10 hours in + abel was all sorts of joyful to find a playground to stretch his little legs at, we were pretty happy about it too!

+ + + 
... and we made it. hello Waco. we were warmly welcomed by my mom's sister at about 10 pm. you guys... my aunt's house. if we are talking in pinterest terms, i'd pin the heck out of it, right onto my nesting board. right there next to all of the other swoon worthy homes that i've been ogling + that would be that. it has a gorgeous view of Lake Waco + is mostly all of my house dreams wrapped into one. paint everything a crispy coat of white + throw pops of bright colors throughout... when can i move in permanently? we had such a great visit with her + SO many of our family members! i wish we saw them more often!

+ + +
While we were visiting, we attended my cousin's wife's (i'm not sure exactly what that makes her to me... cousin? cousin in law? all that comes to my mind is adorable) baby shower. It was at the happiest little spot in Waco called 'The Mix' + she (as in my cousin's wife) was stunning. There were mini cupcakes + mama to be wore polka dots... i mean, do i really need to say more than that? I'm so glad we were able to make it, especially because i almost always miss out on Texas family events + so i felt like a real winner this time around. i wiiiiiish i would have gotten some real bloggerific photos of every detail, but Abel walks  runs now, and ALWAYS, so you know... 
We also spent the day shopping for the stores (since this was a 'business trip' and all) Texas has some great antiquey shops... Junque in the Trunk probably being my favorite of them all. CUTE stuff + perfect photo opp paint choices on their building if you ask me, so obviously we snapped a few.

+ + + 
and below you'll see the best little road tripper ever, fighting sleep (of course) + a sign that makes this heart happy

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