why we 'lick the spoon' + you should too...

you know you've done it at least once + if you're being honest, probably a lot more than that. growing up, we loved when my mom would bake! we got more excited about getting the mixing beaters, the spoon, or best... the BOWL, than we did about what she was actually baking! some might call it bad parenting, ya know... with the raw eggs + all of the other silly worries that have polluted 'the new generation', but i think it builds character... 
okay not really, but it definitely makes for fun memories + traditions to carry on to your own families! i intend to let all of our kids 'fight' over the beaters, only to find out that the 'loser' gets the spoon, which has waaay more anyway + that they'll all get to share the bowl in the end.
that's my two cents... ya know, since you asked ;)
 so, i let abel lick the frosting spoon. if it's the worst thing i do this year... i think we'll all be okay!
happy weekend!

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