over the weekend.

the picture above is one of my new favorites. i don't know if it's the men in my life + how cute they are together, the gorgeous view from our home, or the perfect yellow slug bug in the background... probably all of it combined. the past weekend was such a great one. i couldn't tell you what exactly was so great about it, but just that it was one for the books. i even remember one particular time looking at chris + telling him how good our life is + him smiling back like he agreed. i love how sometimes it's in the non-eventful times, no holidays or celebrations, just the regular old saturdays when everyone is home + together that feel most special. this weekend was one of those. the weather was warmer for a change + we got outside as much as we could. abel cried real tears every time we had to come inside, he ADORES adventuring in the warm sun... so that is exactly what we plan to do every sun day for the rest of our lives. 

^^^what a cutie, i love him

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