to love another...

they say it happens as naturally as the first time, but it's still hard to imagine having any more love in my heart than i already have at this exact moment. we love abel more than i ever dreamed we were capable of, our hearts revolve mostly around him + every little thing he does. so you mean to tell me that adding another little to our clan wouldn't take away from the love we have for him, we'd just get MORE???!! i believe people when they say it, but it's still too crazy to wrap my head around + i feel like it's probably one of those things that you just don't get until you actually do it + your like, 'oh, i get it now.'

in case you missed our announcement yesterday... we decided to go ahead + find out for ourselves...
bump number 2 is scheduled to arrive on september 4th-ish!

we are overjoyed + beyond excited. already wondering what gender this little will be (no, we don't have a preference). name gaming. planning + praying, and spending as much time together as a family of 3 before 'we three' becomes 4. abel is going to be the best big brother ever, he's already getting so much practice with his cousin + it's just his nature to share + be sweet, so here's hoping that continues :)

we are full of joy over here. thank you jesus.

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