hey there mister, when did you become a teenager?

i am the mother of a one year old??!
he is getting so big, but is still so little at the same time.
at 13.5 months he is basically running, and everywhere... that cute little run is accompanied by an even more adorable one arm swingin' by his side (melt me). he loves to sweep, play with anything slightly resembling a ball (this includes cuties + apples), play hide + seek/chase, be outside, watch bubble guppies, snuggle + eat everything in sight... or at least give it a try. he is SO sweet + i'm still caught off guard by the amount of love i have for him + how it just continues to grow. 

this particular posture fast forwards me 15 years when he's tired from a day at school + whatever activity he's involved in + i come home to him passed out on the couch, tv still on, snacks on the coffee table... 
i don't' know, something like that.
it definitely looks a lot like the boy i dated around that age ;)
we are so lucky. we have a son + that is such a huge responsibility + privilege.

abel, i love you forever + a million years more. i hope you always have the sweet + curious nature you have today. i hope you always smile at people when you walk by, just like you do now. i hope you always give me hugs + kisses, even when you're grown + i especially hope that you always remember that your family is a good home base + we will be here for you in every way, every day of your life even when you have a family of your own. you are the bright spot in each day. i love you, mama

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