quilt perfection + baby perfection for that matter, but this is about the quilt... mostly

i don't think i really have to sell this one, it's pretty clear from one glance that this quilt is 100% gorgeous. it's true vintage, made by my great grandmother, and it's really lucky that it didn't make it back in my bag to colorado (well my aunt is lucky, i would take dang good care of that thing + it would have happy days all the rest of it's days) anyway though, i just love it so much + even more so, the tiny guy all snuggled up in it... he's the best. 

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Anonymous said...

I want you to know how infectious your optimism is and what a wonderful thing that is. I often refer to myself as a "optimistic pessimist" (meaning I am optimistic about one day being a reformed pessimist. I have hope that I can change.)
It is not my natural instinct to find the good, to enjoy the little things. In fact, I subconsciously go out of my way to do the opposite! But you.. And your blog... It inspires me. Sometimes I find myself crying when I read your happy-go-lucky blog posts because you have something I crave. Every morning I make a cup of tea, read the Bible, check Pinterest and Instagram and read a couple of your blog posts and it helps my day.. Every day. Thank you. And my kids and hubby thank you.