disney on ice.

last weekend we went to see disney on ice! chris won tickets at work & we were able to take some friends with us & enjoy the show from a private suite! it was sweeeeet ;). i didn't really know what to expect going in, but we are always up for experiencing new things, especially if free entry is involved ha. the show was so great. it's so crazy how your brain remembers words to songs you haven't heard in a decade & it made us want to go home & watch all of the movies! my favorite part was how it opened up the doors to new information for me to share with chris (didn't know there was any after ten years, surprise!). i got to tell him how obsessed with jasmine i was when aladdin came out & how i had every barbie of her that there was because naturally, i needed every outfit she came with. i shared with him how one year, i was belle for halloween & i got to wear the gold dress with a hoop under it, but how i was sad because it snowed and i had to wear my coat over my costume, lame. & the pocahontas days, which i am SO proud of. i think my mom braided my hair every day, i wore pocahontas shirts & had a meeko stuffed animal that i brought to school & put under my desk... i was obviously so cool. it was fun to reminisce & also give him a preview of what he is in for if we have little girls one day.

it was seriously fun. my 5 year old on the inside heart could hardly stand it. i teared up with overexcitement when mickey & minnie came out the first time and felt like such an idiot & soooo pregnant haha, but it just reminded me of what a kid i am at heart & that's something i love about myself. if you get the chance to go to disney on ice, do it, you're in for a treat :)

**i usually don't do this, but iphone photos wouldn't suffice, these images are not my own, found via google**

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