Celebrating Lucy!

Lucy's birthday breakfast was a sweet one. Abel had picked out gifts for he and isla to give to her this year & it was so cute to watch the excitement for all of them as she opened them and was surprised. I love Lucy's sweet heart. She enjoys receiving & opening gifts, but it's always so cute because she really doesn't care what is inside. You could give her a rock in a bag & she'd be content. It's sweet to me & I love her even more for it.
We celebrated her big in the morning, which is always my favorite part of birthdays... then ended the day with an abstract paint cake for our little artist.
We love you Lucy girl, you are special in a billion ways!
I LOVE a pretty cake.
& below: some bonus shots I snagged of her the day she celebrated with cousins. She decided to eat all of the frosting off of her cupcake BEFORE her party & all the while said just how delicious it was & with so many giggles threatened to eat the whole thing. It was adorable & naughty, and one of those moments where you get to decide if you'll stop what your kids are doing or jump in & capture it on camera instead. 
I chose second.
^^^my little dolly