Our little bit is FOUR!

Sitting here on the eve of Lucy's birthday & remembering so vividly this night four years ago. 
Didn't Abel just turn four???!
I've said this a million times, but it still rings so true. Lucy is one of my greatest prayers that came to fruition just as I'd specifically prayed for. She is literally all that I asked for & more. Kind, gentle, loving & fierce. Brave & adventurous, soft & sweet. Beautiful. Bonus features that I didn't know to hope for are that she's one of the most nurturing humans on the planet, she's wildy hilarious, the snuggliest of them all, tough as nails, and has a little more moxie than I was prepared for, but that too feels like a quality that will help her move mountains. There are truly no words for the way I love her, she is my favorite little brown haired girl.
 My first daughter, my sunshine girl, and my sweetest treasure. I couldn't be more proud of you & am so thankful to be your mama. Happy birthday little bit, I love you!
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