Goodbye for now STL...

Happy Sunday! Today consisted of packing, and more packing. In about six hours we will be getting in the car and heading out to our home sweet home, Colorado<3 It is about a twelve hour drive and Chris and I will be in two separate cars with our pets. Me, little H-bomb & Bells… Chris & Harvey. It will be a longgg day but well worth it at the end! Living in STL has been a great experience for Chris & I. I am so happy that Chris’ dream finally came true of being a Professional Soccer Player. I admire him and am amazed by him SO much. He truly has been so patient with this process & I am happy that he stuck it out and trusted God with it :) I ended up making some WONDERFUL friends here, & really became attached to the dancers I was privileged to teach at Dance Art. I am excited to hopefully come back & pick up where we left off! I am going to miss everyone so much, and as silly as it sounds, I am thankful for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. because although it can sometimes be wasted time spent on the computer, it really is a great way to keep in touch with people! I can’t wait to see my family & friends in Colorado. It has been too long, and I am so happy that God blessed us with the freedom to be able to go back and spend such a long time there, especially for the holidays! Pray that we have a safe trip home! I will be updating along the wayyy! Love to all :)

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